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Get response to your questions quickly.
Most response times are within 5 minutes.

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If I can't fix it, then there is no cost to you.
That means no call out fee, no time fee.
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I don't just fix your issue and go. I provide on going support.
Need online remote support?
Need something explained or have questions?
Know that I have you covered and I'm here to support you

  1. Hardware Repair
    • Upgrade hardware (e.g. RAM, hard drive, video card)
    • Replace faulty hardware
    • Data recovery and backup ( back up is vital, recovery always costs more )
  2. Software Repair
    • Virus removal
    • System cleaning
    • Faster loading computer with optimization
    • Email recovery
  3. On Site Support – I Drive To You
    • Need me onsite? I can come to your home or business to help you
  4. Drop Offs
    • Drop items off at my home office and I can work on it over night.
  5. Remote support online
    • I can help you over the internet for any issue appearing on your screen
  6. Website hosting 
    • Website hosting powered by Google.
  7. WordPress Website Optimization
    • I optimize sites to load fast for both Mobile and Desktop
    • I use sites like GTMetrix and Google Page insights to measure and identify what on your site is slowing you down and what can be optimized

What my clients say

Happy Clients, Happy Business
Monique Chasteau

Monique Chasteau


I use my computers in quite an unusual way to offer a medical service.
As a non-expert with computers, I was concerned I would not be able to explain the problem to a technician and it might be a long and costly process to diagnose and fix it.
Luckily for me, I found Andrew. He was able to come to my business the same day.
He worked out very quickly what the problem was with my computer and suggested a simple and cost-effective solution.
Andrew showed a real understanding not just of the problem at hand but of my ongoing computing needs.
I've called on him many times now and will continue to do so for a quick fix or to get his advice for more long term solutions for the computer side of my business.

Charleen Santiago

Charleen Santiago

MASSAM TRANSPORT - Operations Manager

Andrew has been looking after our IT work for Massam Transport for over 3 years now.
We were a small business when he started, 4x computers and one email address. Very old school.
We knew our business was going to grow but needed some assistance with the IT side, so I phoned
Andrew and asked him to come in and have a chat.
Andrew mentioned "store things in the cloud?" to which I replied ok. Now if you're anything like me -
technology impaired, I was like..."what's this cloud?" I thought Andrew had been working too hard.
He talked me through it and explained things in a way that clicked; he also set up our new computers
and even our laptops. As our company grew over the past few years we have gone up to about 12
computers, multiple users and our own emails for each department.
Andrew's easy going, super reliable and makes things uncomplicated. He always likes to go the
extra mile for his customers and that is exactly what we like.
Cheers Andrew for all your work and laughs over the years

Tracey Lane

Tracey Lane

GI MEDIA - Director

My computer was slow and laggy causing me a lot of frustration and wasted time.
When I took it to Andrew to look at. He very quickly identified the problems, added a few parts for a very reasonable price and fixed all the issues.
He discussed everything with me before he did it and didn't use confusing computer speak!

I can highly recommend his services.